Monday, July 28, 2008

Round 1 - Phase 2 - Day 1 - HCG Loading

I am creating this blog for a record of my HCG Diet. Today is the first day taking my HCG Injections. I am taking 250 IU or .25 cc of HCG each day. However, I will be skipping the 7th day of each week so that I do not become imuned to the HCG since I want to do more than one round.

Today has been difficult to eat as much as I thought I would be able to. I have felt so full all day long! It seems as though I've been eating all day long too. I can tell it's going to be hard for me to remember to drink water all day long too. I'm not used to drinking so much! I set out 8 bottles of water this morning for me to drink and I'm only on my4th or 5th bottle and it's 8:15pm already at night. I'm so full I don't even want to think about eating or drinking anything else for the whole day. But, I know that I still have that ice cream in the freezer waiting on me so at some point in time before I go to bed I'm going to try to eat that.

I'm going to post my before photos with me in a swimming suit later because I'm too embarrassed with how they look. After I loose some I'll post them with the difference showing. But for now I have one with all my closes on. You can still see that I'm over weight even without being in a swimming suit. These were also taken at the end of the day after I had been eating allllllll day long. I don't even think I could think about holding my stomach in.

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Why Not Me? said...

Good luck with your next loading day! It's crazy how quickly you can feel the hcg in your system. I stuck with comfort foods, and I was pretty happy about it. :)

I'll be watching your progress.

This morning, I completed day 26 of VLCD, and I'm now down 19.5 pounds.

You'll be at your goal in no time!! :)